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  • POS Laser 2D Barcode Scanner

    Model Number: 
    Product Description: 

    ​LS -4600  A magnificent piece in the POS peripherals family. A Point of Sales supporting laser 2D Barcode Scanner manufactured by Logon Systems Pvt. Ltd. with a high range capability of reading all kind of 2D barcodes to fetch the real time data for the required POS Software requests. This would help the end user to enable any products category listing and fetching at a maximum convenience. The perfomance of this device has already been experienced by retail industries enterprises, commercial establishments and other verticals like Hospitals, Hospitality, Logistics, Shopping Malls, Super Markets and all Billing and Stocking enterprises. 

    • Ergonomic design
    • Good anti-shock performance
    • Fast and accurately decode all standard 1D bar codes
    • Speed : 200 Scan/Sec
    • Suitable for Go Down,Supermarket,Any Retail Outlets,Logistics,Mall,Courier,Warehouse etc..
    Product Specification: 
    Technical Parameters  
    Light source White LED
    Sighting device Red LED, 167nm
    Indicator light Green for decoding success; Red for decoding failure
    Interface USB/RS232
    Scanning speed 150scans/sec
    Scanning type Image
    Scanning angle Elevation angle±70°,Inclination angle±60°,Rotation angle±180°
    Recognizable printing contrast Minimum 30% contrast
    Decoding capacity Standard 1D and 2D barcodes
    Volume(L*W*H) 165mm*70mm*101mm
    Weight 137g
    Housing material ABS+PC+TPU
    Color Black/White/Yellow
    Input voltage 4~5.5V DC
    Operating power 2W; 400mA @5V–typical value
    Standby power 0.45W; 90mA @5V–typical value
    DC power supply Class 2; 5.2VDC @ 1A
    EMC EN55022, EN55024, Class B
    LED safety certificate IEC62471
    CB IEC60950
    Certificate CE,FCC,FDA,RoHS
    Working temperature 0°C ~40°C
    Storage temperature -40°C ~ 60°C
    Humidity 5%-95% relative humidity, not condensation state
    Illumination 0~100,000LUX
    Shock resistance Can bear the shock dropping from 2 meters height to the concrete surface
    Dust proof Seal up to prevent dust
    IP level IP54
    Electrostatic protection 15kv
    Barcode density Depth of scanning field
    5 mil Code39 33~95mm (1.3~3.7 in.)
    13 mil UPC-A 32~255mm (1.3~10.0 in.)
    20 mil Code39 35~355mm (1.4~14.0 in.)
    6.7 mil PDF417 30~95mm (1.2~3.7 in.)
    10 mil Data Matrix 30~100mm (1.2~3.9 in.)
    15 mil Data Matrix 21~162mm (0.8~6.4 in.)
    20 mil QR 23~200mm (0.9~7.9 in.)
    Resolution 4mil
    Tolerance 100mm/sec 13mil UPC